Joint Venture

SAÏ offers Joint Venture Consultancy services to foreign companies who wish to penetrate Indian markets. We assist our clients in joint venture partner search by effectively evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. We conduct the valuation of the company to understand and establish synergy between the partners and help them walk through negotiations. Our consultancy provides complete solutions by conducting a thorough partner search, establishing synergy between the partners, walking through negotiations, conducting the valuation of the company, and structuring the proposed entity through all statutory and legal compliances.

Take Your Business To The Next Level
Software and Pharma Industry

Google’s parent company and the pharma company Glaxo and Smith decided to enter into a joint venture agreement to produce bioelectric medicines the ratio of the ownership was 45%-55%. The joint venture lasted and was committed for 7 years with a capital of Euro 540 million.

Automobile and Manufacturing Industry

Another example of a joint venture is the joint venture between the taxi giant UBER and the heavy vehicle manufacturer Volvo. The joint venture goal was to produce driverless cars The ratio of ownership is 50%-50%. The business worth was $350 million as per the agreement in the joint venture.

Bio Products And Spices

Indian commodities which got tremendous widespread acceptance in France are Indian Agricultural products, Indian fisheries products, Indian Organic food products, and Spices. The Indian Food-processing sector produces around 50 million tons of fruits and 90 million tons of vegetables. But food processing infrastructure in India could only process 6% of the perishable products. Thus, Indian Agricultural products, Indian Organic food products, and Indian fisheries products are exported to France.