Business Development

Product Analysis
Industry Overview

We do proper research to understand the competitor's products and define the goals & performance to create a foothold in the market.

Target Market Analysis

By studying the key elements like market size, demographics, behaviors, and trends, SAI can help you find the potential market and ideal customers for your products or services.


We do believe that a single competitive product analysis is not enough to provide enough insight as the market continuously changes and evolves.

Strategy Development

We can be your tipping point in entering the Indian Business Market. We come up with a powerful strategy analysis that addresses the challenges & opportunities one faces when penetrating the Indian market.

Predict.   Analyze.   Manage
Risk Management
Risk Identification

Saï can help you identify the risks by identifying the right people to do so. Once the team of technical experts, customers, and project managers is selected, we can help you spot the risky zones through brainstorming and previous project risk research.

Risk Analysis

The remarkable team of Saï can help you analyze the significance of risks and the impact of risks on the business. After studying the probability we can also help you to build a plan to either reduce the impact or eliminate the opportunity for it to occur.

Risk Feasibility

We can build an effective risk response plan for you by employing strategies like terminate, transfer, treat and tolerate the risks.

Risk Monitoring and Control

As an expert in the field of risk management, we will help you diligently monitor the status of the risk, the residual score by reassessing the risk at critical junctures, and the risk state.

Plan.   Execute.   Deliver
Project Management
Vision Development

We can help you develop an ‘elevator pitch’ ready vision that is clear, concise, and precise. Saï can help you comprehend the product persona, product value proposition, and product feasibility according to Indian standards.

Customer Behavior

We believe that customers are unique and thus their needs are too. To understand the expectation of the customers we do a proper analysis of the customer behavior through customer feedback, survey, or in some cases contact customers personally to know their expectations. This gives clarity in knowing what customers need from the product.

Project Feasibility

Saï provides a specific product strategy that is in alignment with your vision, market study, and customer needs. We also help you define the main features of a product, users and their needs, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that the product must meet.

Product Development

Our competent team helps you innovate and execute to deliver new products faster. Saï helps in every step of the product development process to achieve the management goals, and win customer satisfaction.

Cost.   Projection.   ROI

Financial Feasibility

SAÏ offers consultancy services to companies to help evaluate project investment decisions and choose the most suitable added-value project with the most appropriate funding structure. In this context, we thoroughly analyze the financial, technical, and sartorial structures of projects and companies to formulate projections. We help our clients make the best investment decision by demonstrating the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of their projects. The feasibility reports, which contain the most appropriate roadmap, will meet the expectations of financial institutions and investors.

  • A feasibility study enables the organization to assess if the proposed project is feasible based on the review of expected benefits and estimated costs.
  • SAI’s investment consultancy helps clients choose the most suitable added-value project with the most appropriate funding structure.
  • We advise careful financial engineering in order to allocate risks and rewards that are mutually acceptable and profitable.
  • We advise careful financial engineering in order to allocate risks and rewards that are mutually acceptable and profitable.
  • By identifying the blind spots stifling growth and lowering profit margins, SAI can help you improve your ROI.
Analyze.   Strategize.   Sustain
Strategy Analysis

With our extensive experience in the industry, Saï seamlessly fuses the power of technology and strategic planning to help you evolve as an organization and achieve desired results through strategically designed campaigns and competitor analysis.